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Get Mailbox Address

Sign up with our easy online registration form and instantly get your own US mailbox address

Shop online

Start shopping online and enjoy great deals and promotions US stores offer and checkout using your zippedbox address

Get Arrival notification

You will get notified by e-mail & SMS as soon as your package arrives to your mailbox, and you have the option to ship or hold your package

Receive your packages

Provide shipping instructions and get your package delivered to the address you choose, you can also combine multi-packages together and save on shipping.

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US mailbox Address

Get your own US mailbox address which you can use when checking out while shopping online from US stores, enjoy top brands and great deals even from stores that do not ship internationally!

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Shipment Grouping

We combine your packages into one or more shipments on your selection to reduce shipping cost, to do this we can hold your packages free of charge up to 45 days till other packages are received in your mailbox

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Shipment Re-packaging

We repack your packages when possible to the best size to reduce volumetric weight and save in shipping cost

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Extended Storage

We allow our members to store shipments in our warehouses free of charge for up to 45 days per shipment; this is to give them the chance to consolidate multiple shipments and enjoy big saving in shipping cost


US Retailers Access

Getting a mailbox address in the US with Zippedbox.com means getting access to US retailers, where you will enjoy great deals on top US and world brands.

Flexible Shipping Addresses

Send GIFTS to your family and friends. we give you the flexibiltiy to choose the shipping address you want to send your packages to even if in a different country!

Instant Rates

Instant Shipping charges calculation once you decide to ship your package

Best Prices

You will also enjoy the benefits Zippedbox provide where you will have fast and reliable shipping experience for best prices.

Shipment Grouping

In addition, you can save big by using our consolidation services where we combine multiple packages based on your selection into one shipment at best size to save on shipping cost.

Extra Savings

ZippedBox will re-pack your shipments into smaller packages to further reduce your cost and enjoy more shopping


Customs duties are not included in the shipping price and are determined by your local customs authority. We have no control over these fees.

No. You will receive a real street address that can be used at all online storefronts.

Insurance is provided by the shipping company to protect you in the event your shipment is damaged or lost during shipping. We strongly recommend you opt in to insurance options as we are not responsible for their protection once we ship them.

No, all packages must be addressed to you and include your full account number.

Unfortunately we do not provide this service. We can only receive packages on your behalf.

Express takes 3-7 business days.

All international shipping companies charge per pound the highest between gross weight and dimensional weight.

Dimensional weight is used by all shipping companies to calculate the weight based on the length, width, and height of a package. The larger a package is, the higher the dimensional weight will be.

Yes. However, domestic shipping charges might apply.

We strive to register all shipments we receive within the same day. If we receive a shipment on a Saturday, Sunday, holiday or after business hours, it may not appear in your account until the next business day.

Once we receive a prohibited shipment, we will notify you by e-mail. Such shipments will automatically be confiscated and destroyed for safety reasons.

Not necessarily, we check each package upon arriving to our facility and only repack packages which have wasted space to best size to save in shipping cost.

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